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This page is temporarily under construction - but meanwhile, please feel free to contact anytime by sending email to and ask for any services which are available to become done.


Available services are in the fields of product design & product development, brand identity & graphics, bottle design and other packaging especially in food and consumer products' industries, 3D modeling, design management & strategic design, design for manufacturing, design or engineering consulting, idea development, etc.

Design Project Total Management

User Experience Studying

Creative Brief Preparation

Teaming the right suited personnel according the required expertise for the project (it can be also solo in some extents)

Defining Methodology (Referenced to famous updated methods -> ex.: Nigel Cross Rational Methodology; Kanzey Engineering; Scenario-Based Design; etc.) -> dependent on weather the project is "product design" or not; If there are UX and UI design projects, the Wireframings and Design Scenario Methods differ due to the project; If the project is a Brand-Identity based, the methodology of how-starting and developing the project is dependent to the Creative-birefings and Marketing-wise brieings that mention the Missions and Visions of the projects

Ideation -> Brainstorming via updated and multiple Techniques

Design Development -> Considering all feasibilty-study-based and realization-availabilities for production

D.F.X. -> Design for X -> X stands for different considerations of a design (ex.: DFM -> Design for Manufacturability | DFS -> Design for Safety | DFC -> Design for Comfort | DFA -> Design for Assembly)

D.T.C. -> Design to Cost -> Analysis for the best cost of making a design to an end product (in different fields of product-design, package-design, UX and UI design for different interfaces such as Web-Sites, Apps or other interactive programs, Brand Identity Design & Strategic Designs, etc.) from the very beginning of the projects, during the process, and in the finalization process; (All according to material limits and cost-wise limitations)

B.O.M. -> Bill of Material Preparation


Fields of Design Considerations or Operations

Brand Identity Analysis in Designing Objects (Either Product-wise, Graphic-wise, Package-wise, Product Family or Trim Design)

UX / UI Preparation and Project Leading (Function-wise and Aesthetic-wise) from the very beginning of the project up to the delivery

Molding, Manufacturing, Production Operation

Printing Operation (Offset or Digital)

Experience and Academic Knowledge in Product- / Package- / UX/UI- Design; All dependent to research-based Methodologies

Website/App Layout Design


Printing (3D or Graphical)

Consulting (Industrial Design / Graphic Design & Brand Identity / Strategic Design / Art and Engineering Combination / Packaging / User Centered Design / User Experience Design (UX) / User Interface Design (UI) / Corporate Identity Design and Re-Design Strategy of either Products or Graphics or Ads, etc.)

Cooperative Formats

Contract Based

Operation or Consulting Based

Project Based

Full Time Employment (Preferred)

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Following are the brands of some famous clients I have done design projects for, either as freelance, or as an employed at a firm, or as a contractor:

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