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:-D Achievements

Certificate of Attendance in the Metamorphosis Workshop of Product Design

University of Tehran (Feb. 2011)

Instructed by Dr. Christian Boucharenc (PHD industrial design and member of the department of Design & Architecture of the National University of Singapore), based on a cooperation agreement between the two universities

Subject of the project was to choose two non-related objects or facts - one a product and the other one a non-product object, fact, thing, etc. - and analyzing the contours, finally enriching the mid-contour by shaping three hand-made objects. Finally, the mid reached object had been the gestalt of development and producing the final product according to that gestalt.

Publishing my bachelor thesis "Library Comfort Analysis"

Major: Mechanical Engineering - Field of Study: Energy & Environment Technology

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP), Germany

ISBN: 978 - 3 - 8454 - 0250 - 5

Summer 2011

Five licenses of Service & Repair of the document imaging machines manufactured by Zeutschel®

Place of Workshop: Zeutschel Co., Tübingen, Germany

October 2011

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