Certificate of Attendance in the Metamorphosis Workshop of Product Design

University of Tehran (Feb. 2011)

Instructed by Dr. Christian Boucharenc (PHD industrial design and member of the department of Design & Architecture of the National University of Singapore), based on a cooperation agreement between the two universities

Subject of the project was to choose two non-related objects or facts - one a product and the other one a non-product object, fact, thing, etc. - and analyzing the contours, finally enriching the mid-contour by shaping three hand-made objects. Finally, the mid reached object had been the gestalt of development and producing the final product according to that gestalt.

Publishing my bachelor thesis "Library Comfort Analysis"

Major: Mechanical Engineering - Field of Study: Energy & Environment Technology

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP), Germany

ISBN: 978 - 3 - 8454 - 0250 - 5

Summer 2011

Five licenses of Service & Repair of the document imaging machines manufactured by Zeutschel®

Place of Workshop: Zeutschel Co., Tübingen, Germany

October 2011

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