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:-) About Me

My name is Mahdyar Fakhraei and I’m working as Senior Structural Packaging Designer at LOGITECH, based in the Silicon Valley Campus (SVC), Newark, California.


My world divides into two general halves. On the first half, I am a methodological-based industrial designer and an artist; and on the second half, I am a mechanical engineer who applies rational engineering techniques in developing the designs to be developed in the best possible way to be manufactured (DFM), according to project’s cross-functional limitations.

While designing and developing a product, a package, or a service, I always try to apply the suitable methodology due to specification and design-approach of each project it self’s, via preparing design brief, having deep research on brand values, and choosing the best-suited rational (or emotional or scenario-based) methodology of design-thinking to develop the project. I know UCD, ergonomics and user experience as well.


Having worked as an industrial designer for more than eight years, mostly focusing on packaging- and product design, as well as working as a packaging engineer at Facebook since late 2018, I have become able to make balance between design and engineering worlds. Once I design the products or packages, in-parallel to making myself sure of following the aesthetic formulas, design techniques, brand identity guidelines, and user experience criteria, I always consider every single move, mechanism, adhesion, liner and flap, as well as every component that is needed to be molded, tooled, thermoformed, or needed to be tested) being developed in a way that it would be possible, feasible and cost-wise logical to be manufactured for real and to passing the reliability testing.


I’m highly experienced in managing the design project, working with alternative materials, molded-fiber pulp-trays, polymeric plastics, fixtures, and other tooling-required components.


At one of my previous employee, Karu Solutions, I have worked as design studio manager and the design team lead, for more than 3 years. I started my career there as an industrial designer, having promoted to the senior level, and eventually became an effective individual who contributed the firm to be grown and expanded from a headcount of 5 into 30+ and from focusing only on industrial design, into focusing on three main declines is design, mar-com, and web-development. I designed and led the development of different products, including hardware, kitchenware, food/medical/consumer-electronic packaging, UX/UI, Apps and websites, brand identities, and few of interior designs. At Karu, I managed a team of 10+ headcount, including industrial/product designers, graphic designers, produces, packaging designers, and architects in the last 3 years of my employment there.


At the other previous employer, Meta (formerly known as Facebook), and in my engineering world, most recently in the last two years since I got on-board at Facebook, I develop an already-locked design, knowing all the rules of brand identity and design-language mandatories, I try to DFM the packages in a way that the concerned criteria will not become affected or changed or missed. In addition, I engineer the structure in a way that the package being more robustly produced at packaging suppliers, and assembled and shipped from suppliers to Contracted-Manufacturer Factories (a.k.a. CM), and easily being packed-out at FATP pack-out lines. I have done lots of reliability-tests on different builds of consumer electronic packaging according to both ASTM and ISTA standards and tracked the improvements of the packages, build by build (from Proto, to EVT, DVT, and PVT). I have also prepared lots of SOPs for pack-out lines and distribution centers’ postponement lines, refurbishment/replacement packaging, as well as designing shippers for B2B multipacks and B2C parcels. I have contributed with supply-chain and fulfillment team in palletization-design of B2B shipments.


I am very good in analyzing design-analysis, semiotics, un-boxing experience, corrugated paper, rigid-boards, SBS, films, laminations, adhesives, cardboards, molded fiber pulp-trays, pulp-tray supports, and paper foam. Aside of consumer electronics industry, other industries in which I have also been in-charge as packaging designer and/or packaging engineer are automotive, food, medical, and home-care.

In addition, I am a very good detail-oriented engineer with a high understanding of GD&T, tooling, OMM/CMM, and FAI/Cpk data preparation and assembly analysis. I have a great eye on following/preparing engineering specs, and Rel-testing know-hows. I am highly skilled in research-methodology and have published my thesis work internationally.

In order to see my resume and/or samples of portfolio, click here.

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